Barcelona, Naples, Paris, Amsterdam and Grenoble mobilize towards the 2019 European elections

Cities to meet in Brussels to present their agenda to municipalize Europe

Joint press release: Corporate Europe Observatory (CEO), Transnational Institute (TNI) Barcelona En Comú

In a Europe governed in the interests of the few, and with the far right on the rise, towns and cities are building new ways of doing politics and defending the common good from the bottom up.

In Spain, ‘cities of change’ are combatting speculation and defending the right to housing; in Italy, local governments are creating new legal mechanisms to protect the urban commons, and cities across Europe are taking energy and water back into public hands after failed privatization. Municipalism is transforming Europe from the bottom up.

On November 6, councilors representing Barcelona, Naples, Paris, Amsterdam and Grenoble will meet at the European Parliament in Brussels to discuss how EU institutions are affecting life in their neighbourhoods and to present their agenda for the 2019 European elections.

Municipalize Europe!, organized by Barcelona En Comú, TNI and CEO, will be an opportunity to explore the agenda of transformative towns and cities towards the 2019 European elections. The event will see the presentation of Spanish cities’ EU policy agenda and a dialogue about the role of towns and cities in transforming Europe.

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