Institutional declaration of the City of Barcelona in response to Donald Trump

Translation of the declaration by Barcelona City Hall adopted on 15th of February 2017

“The Barcelona government and municipal groups want to express our rejection of racism, hate speech, and policies that discriminate against people on the basis of sex, origin, belief, or sexual orientation, and we defend basic rights and civil liberties.

Barcelona doesn’t want to remain silent in the face of discrimination and human rights violations and, for this reason, we express our concern regarding the direction of certain policies and decisions being made by the government of the United States, from the banning of entry of citizens of Muslim countries to the construction of a wall at the Mexican border, and the contemptuous statements about women by President Trump. Just as we raise our voices to condemn the treatment of refugees by European states, today we have a duty to condemn the irresponsible turn being taken by the new government of the United States and to demand that it rectifies its course.

Over recent days, we’ve seen the reaction of American civil society, demonstrating in the streets, squares and airports in defense of rights and civil liberties, supported by their elected representatives (mayors, governors, congressmen and women, senators, judges and lawyers). We want to send a message from Europe that they are not alone, that they have our full support.

In a globalized world, we should all feel called, beyond borders, to defend basic rights and reject any policies that legitimizes discrimination or prevents anyone from fulfilling their promise, independently of their class or national origin, sex, race or beliefs.

European cities, which remember the horror of the Second World War and the support of the United States in the struggle to defeat fascism, have a civic duty to be active and vigilant in keeping this legacy alive. The struggle to defend democratic principles is also our struggle.

The response to fear of diversity, globalization or economic uncertainty cannot be to raise walls or roll back basic rights, Euroscepticism or isolationism. We need to defeat fear and transform it into hope.

Cities, as spaces of global exchange, peaceful coexistence and respect for diversity, must be on the front line in defending democracy. We must be a bulwark in the defense of civil liberties and social rights. In the face of closure, openness. In the face of a retreat into nationalism and new walls, cooperation and solidarity among cities…

The Committee of the Presidency, Citizen Rights, Participation, Security and Prevention agrees to:

1. Express our support for, and solidarity with, North American cities, with the aim of taking, with other European cities, action to stand up to racism and discrimination and to defend, together, democratic values and principles, as well as basic rights and civil liberties.

2. Show our solidarity with all individuals and groups that may be the subject of discrimination by the new American government and express our opposition to discrimination, both in the USA and all European countries, on the basis of sex, race, religion or nationality.

3. Condemn the way in which the US wants to treat refugees and express, at the same time, our rejection of the treatment of people fleeing armed conflict by the Spanish government and other European states. In this regard, we demand independent investigations into possible human rights violations at the borders of the EU.

4. Call on the city government to communicate these points to multilateral municipal fora and the international city networks in which it participates: United Cities and Local Governments, Metropolis, Eurocities, UCCI, and Educating cities, among others.

Barcelona, 10th of February, 2017"