5 ways to jump start your day (aka, catchy click bait title to spur interest in another silly blog list)

I sit here pensively. Sitting in a squat position with with lips pursed and fingers poised above keyboard. I think to myself, ‘should I make a slide show’? It could list out things like ‘breathing deep the smell of your hydroponic medical marijuana grow room’, ‘going for a dog with your walk’, ‘have an organic coffee neti pot nose cleanse’, ‘an hour of peaceful Bikram Yoga on a full stomach of vegan bacon and vegan eggs’, ‘engaging in a lively debate about religion or politics with a homeless Vietnam Vet with one eye’?

(I scratch the last one as I would hate to seem, too cynical on such a beautiful day.)

I sit and ponder, but nothing comes to me, like at all. I’m stumped. Perhaps if I turn on the TV to watch the news, that might give me ideas?

At that thought, I see images in my head of fans of orange hair and/or Orwellian double speak (from left and right) hold up hand scrawled signs proclaiming, “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN”. Um, yeah…NO. I want ideas, not a headache.

So what is a non professional, beginning writer to do when the well of inspiration is dry?

Hmmm. I know!

(I close laptop, grab my keys, and step outside in the morning sun.)