The sun is hiding today…

I woke up today feeling proud, the temptation to eat bread last night averted by chowing down on a hard boiled egg instead. I am proud of myself as the bread in question was an artisan loaf of asiago cheese crusted sourdough. My poison if ever I had one.

But I was strong, yes! I did not succumb, no!

Today I’m starting a fast. A hardcore keto fast, of just agua and coconut oil. The fast of ages three days long.

I read once the only way to truly cure your diabetes is to STARVE YOURSELF of the carbs, until your body cries uncle and begins using your excess fat for fuel.

So time to put that theory to the test…


In job hunt news…

I sent a thank you note to the person that interviewed me for work on Saturday. The first time in my life I've done such a thing.

I went through four drafts, until the perfect note was written. It was a beautiful thing…truly beautiful. The thought of it gives me the jitters, it’s perfection should be sung about by a tribe of burly eunuchs.


Noon and I’d kill for a cheeseburger and fries, maybe even a milkshake. But the shit is off the menu now.

It is…
It is…
It is…

I think I’ll have two tablespoons of coconut oil when I walk home from the library…



The weather today is quite cantankerous.

I am sitting near the window of the library, staring out at the trees, a gray sky overhead. 59 degrees in August is not normal for my body. I’m used to 100 degree LA summer weather. To waking up from sleep sweating and stinking like I just ran a marathon.

I would kill for stew right now, a BIG bowl of stew with that crusty asiago sourdough bread…oh holy hell that would be sublime.


Today I harvested the last of the living lavender from a bush on my busy street. I plan of drying it, and smoking it with lemon balm. The chill is quite persuasive from this lovely combination. And the aroma is heavenly.

The wind outside has settled down. It will be time to pack up the computer soon. Head back to the homestead, slowly swallow those three or four tablespoons of coconut oil.

There’s also that bread…

That sexy, sensual loaf of high carb goodness beckoning me come hither like a hooker illuminated with red lights in Amsterdam.

Yes loaf…
I want you inside me.

But I must stay strong, I must stay strong.