Connecting With Fans, The Right Way.

There are many ways you place your artist/band name onto a piece of clothing and sell it. But why stop there? There are bands such as “The Devil Wears Prada” who have found ways to go above and beyond when it comes to the merch game.

When you think about it, almost everyone owns at least one piece of merchandise related to one of their favorite artists. But connecting the right item to the right fan can be a bit of a trying problem. The Devil Wears Prada has found was around that by broadening there merch selection. You can choose from a variety of items, such as Vinyl records, shirts, backpacks, wristbands and more. In a sense you can figure, more variety gives people a choice.

Choice is a powerful tool when it comes to selling your merchandise. People that see one style shirt have either the choice of purchasing the same item as anybody else, or just not at all. But when you give the fan a choice between a red shirt and a blue shirt, they are no longer considering no purchase at all, but better yet which shirt they would look better in when showing it off to their friends and acquaintances. This entire aspect comes into play when you think of the enormous selection presented to the fans by The Devil Wears Prada. The band has even gone a step ahead to make a more personal contribution to their fans, by offering up old drum heads signed by the band at a best offer price proposed by the fans themselves.

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