Do Something With Your Life — Destiny Repeats Itself

I am currently 5 months pregnant. I’ll be 30 in August. And for some reason I feel like my life is taking a HARSH pivot.

Some can blame the hormones, but honestly it’s always been pivots in my life when major things are happening to me.

Graduation of high school, engagement, graduation of college, my first career job, marriage, changing jobs, and now pregnancy.

I feel like after every major happening in my life, I’m renewed in some ways that lead to growth.

But this feeling has me pushed to do SOMETHING great. I don’t quite know what it is, but I will find out.

A couple of months ago, my husband was out of town for his job. We were on the phone in dead silence. I was watching House Hunters and he was watching Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates, Jr. I asked him what was the show about and he started to explain how this movie star was finding out that he was literally connected to Moses. Like — Moses in the Bible. I was totally shocked and in disbelief.

So of course, I drew interest and DVRed all of the episodes. My favorite was Family Reunion — featuring P. Diddy & LL Cool J. Both very influential and successful in the hip-hop community and both coming from absolutely nothing (if they tell it). But what they BOTH learned is that they were DESTINED to be great.

Their ancestors were movers, shakers, owners, and first-timers. The shock on their face when they found out that after all, they were never really alone in their grinds. They felt a relief to know that there was a part of them that felt the urge to do more and to be more.

After watching mostly all of the episodes from Season 3 so far, I’ve come to realize this with EVERY celebrity or chef or author they interview. They were destined in some way to be where they are now. They were influenced by the blood in their veins and not necessarily knowing of the family member who did great or challenging things.

I want that for my child, grand-child, & great grand-children. I want him or her to feel passion and listen to it. I want to insert those energies into their heart.

Becoming a mother has allowed me to focus on my legacy and how I want to be remembered when I’m no longer here. Realizing that I am the creator of my children’s destiny has made me look at life with no rear view mirror.

I’d love to know your thoughts on this. Thanks for reading!

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