I’ve Been Tracking My Life for The Past Week

It’s been almost 6 months since I started my new job working at Aloompa, one of the leading mobile app providers in the live event industry. A lot of the projects I get to work with involve using Bluetooth beacons to track what an attendee does at a live event. (Here’s a hint….they don’t see as much music as you would think…)

The work I do has created an obsession in tracking everything I do in life. Last week, I discovered Moves, an app that automatically tracks your every movement and location through GPS data. I’ve been using the app for a week and already seen some interesting trends in my life…check them out below!

My past week visualized via a GeoJSON upload to Mapbox
  • 304: Total minutes I’ve spent in my car in the past week, or 5 hours.
  • 5.87: Average miles I traveled each time I g0t in my car.
  • 12,073: Total steps I’ve taken in the past week. (Time to hit the gym!)
  • 33.5: Total hours I spent in my office staring at this.
  • 9,042: Highest amount of seconds spent at a bar/restaurant (Red Door Saloon)
  • 7: Most places I’ve visited in day
  • Places I visited: Aloompa, Bar Sovereign, Bombay Palace, Green Hills Kroger, McKay’s Used Book Store, Nashville Farmers Market, Target White Bridge, The Red Door Saloon