More than a Promise: Brands Are Platforms
Brian Monahan

To borrow from the hippy days… “All is one, man!”.

Good guy responsibility, sustainability, brands, business platforms, core competency platforms and cultural platforms are fractal and one when a whole systems mindset is applied.

Your are right Brian, brands are platforms. And platforms are brands. Your business and brand comes alive through a porous, plug-n-play platform. Unilever’s Sustainable Living Brands are proving the value of integrating sustainability within brands and their platforms (Sustainable Living Brands represent one half of Unilever’s growth in 2015). Others, like the examples you used (Air BnB & Craig’s List), are showing the value of inter brand platform connection.

All great wisdom is inherently paradoxical (you get love by giving it away), so the new brand paradox is… “We have to uniquely differentiate to succeed and we only succeed when we are interdependently a part of one another.’

It’s all one, man.

Wow, this is giving me the munchies. Thanks for your article!

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