Birth of A Nation’s Box Office Flop and The Unrepentant Pettiness of Black Feminists.

I very big reach when the story as reviewed by black historians wasn’t even told correctly in the first place. Additionally, you finding the basic reasons that some decided not to support him is a few people. Sexual assault and rape are sensitive issues in this country since over 288K are assaulted each year from 12 years of age and older. Also, to promote a movie claiming he was going to show an accurate account of Nat Turner when in fact he failed makes black historians look bad who researches, teaches, and provides factual data of our history. Like someone mentioned, Nat Turner’s story has always been told in various avenues and when Parker decided to do it it should have been correct and he should have had good PR to manage his interview. Lastly, feminism is not the reason or the fault of black women. This is human behavior and all of us have choices based on our family dynamic, experiences, peers, moral conviction, and more. So you shaming feminist, black women, and others is a reach. This wasn’t his time.

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