BEI, the groundbreaking crypto education /tech firm platform that helps blockchain enthusiasts attain industry relevance, has announced the pre-sale launch of $BETK, its native cryptocurrency.

$BETK is a utility token based on the Binance smart chain (BSC) that is used to power the ecosystem and bridge the payment gap created by multiple currencies.

$BETK holders can pay for our courses with the token and receive a 10% discount, as well as the ability to stake them, pay for other services of BEI which gives them discount using $BETK and traders can take advantage of price changes.

BEI has allocated 5% Total Supply according to Whitepaper (500,000 $BETK) for the presale, which each 1000 units costing one BNB.

The BEI pre-sale will last for a month (October 25th to November 25th), and the blockchain community is quite enthusiastic about the project.

How To Participate on Presale

Step One: Fund your wallet with a minimum of 0.1BNB.

Step Two: Visit and copy address to send in BNB from site.

Step Three: Ensure you copied the correct address by cross checking your clipboard and the address on website.

Step Four: Send in the amount of BNB you want to purchase $BETK with.

Step Five: Don’t send below 0.1BNB in other not to lose your funds as minimum buy is with 0.1BNB.

Step Six: Congratulations you’ve successfully completed the presale steps.

The pre-sale tokens will be distributed to participants 3mins-5mins after listing as listing date will be communicated.


1BNB = 1000BETK
4BNB= 4000BETK
0.1BNB = 100BETK
N|B: Presale not open to US citizens.

About BEI

BEI is a cutting-edge educational platform that helps blockchain enthusiasts gain industry relevancy and dominance. We are one of the first African projects leading the way in bringing a large amount of decentralization to Africa and beyond by educating and putting people ahead of the paradigm shift using blockchain technology.

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BEI is an innovative and educational platform that helps blockchain enthusiasts gain relevance and dominance in the blockchain space and issues certificate