Top 6 Content Discovery Platforms That Will Actually Make Blogger Life Better.

Compiling quality content is a key element in social media marketing strategies, using which you can explore amazing content being published every day and then you can share it with your audience.

An effective compiling can help you to establish yourself or your business, or to bring yourself up as a trusted resource and authority in your field. But for this, you need to have your own trusted source to get the contents from.

Here you’ll find six sites that you could use to discover amazing articles and use it in your content curation strategy about which you have not heard of.


Especially, I love BuzzSumo because BuzzSumo one of the must have tools for bloggers and content marketers. It helps every blogger in many ways such as Content Discovery, Monitoring, Influence and Outreach, Content Insights, Content Research and Planning, Content Curation, Competitor Research and many more things.

The Best Content Discovery Platforms for bloggers and content marketers, Recently BuzzSumo launched their Chrome extension that is free for all.


Flipboard is one of the most Content Discovery Platforms you should follow, Flipboard collects quality content on your favorite topics. Flipboard is all about beautiful magazine format, You can use Flipboard on various devices(Smartphone, Tablet, or Desktop)

As per Flipboard, Over 100 million users use Flipboard for content discovery and for reading that content.


It is a professional network which is built on affinity or shared interest. Here you can discover and compile links, Also it provides a publishing function accompanied by a discovery tool. You can find some original contents of your particular topics of interests.

In spite of its comparatively smaller user base, it still has great contents being created that is definitely going to grow in future.

#Medium’s Reading Roulette

We don’t have only a single interest in us. So we should always explore and share some stories that express a wide range of interests. Doing this would help you to keep moving ahead, beyond your area of interests that you are looking for.

Medium is a great publishing platform. It also brings up stories through functions like their Reading Roulette tool (found in the main navigation).

You might not find content or stories related to your theme but you can be sure of one thing that you’ll definitely find something interesting.

#Pocket Explore

The Explore function is available on the desktop (that is different to the recommend function in the mobile app based on the people you follow). It is a search based discovery engine that provides some great stories. Also, they have assembled more links due to which their demand as a search engine has increased.

The latest addition to the app’s functionality includes the extension of their browser. If you add a site in your pocket with a button, you can see similar stories and recommendation.

#Post Planner

In post planner, you can search by key terms or you can discover pages and any article as well across Facebook and Twitter. One of the great features of Post Planner is you can save these pages and create your own collection of contents from which you can compile your material more effectively.

Post Planner can get you great material and that too in a number of different formats. You can even send them out via your social profiles in-stream.

If you have any more Content Discovery Platforms add to this list , leave a comment and let me know! Don’t forget to share this post!

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Originally published at on January 25, 2017.