Did you know that our Building & Engineering Price Book has been in publication for the last 15 years?

YES!!! that’s right out first edition of the bepb was published in 2001 and 7 editions later we have never looked back.

Building & Engineering Price Book 1st edition (‘01)
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We have Continuously improved our presentation style and information quality over the years to provide you (Nigerian construction professionals) with the best calculated and Sourced construction cost information including rates , prices etc

Volume 2 Of the first edition June 2002
Volume 2 No 2 BEPB April 2003
Issue No 5


As far back as 1989 , 12 years before the BEPB was launched , our consulting arm ( cost consult associate) spear-headed by our founder (Late) Emmanuel Chukwuemeka Oforeh (Past President NIQS , MRICS , FNIQS) had already been involved in the publishing of one of Nigeria’s 1st construction cost data documents known as “CONSTRUCTION PRICE BOOK”.

Founder E.C. Oforeh Presenting a grand patron award to President Olusegun Obasanjo as the President of the NIQS in 2005

Being the editor-in-chief of the publication at the time , he was able to garner a plethora of experience in price publication which we still put to use in publishing the BEPB today.

The Construction Price book Chief Edited by our founder E.C. Oforeh under Cost Consult associates


We have over the years , grown to become the most trusted price book amongst construction professionals in Nigeria today , Our parent company COSINES Nig Ltd(an acronym that stands for COnstruction Service INformation technology Educational Support) is a company founded by (Late) Emmanuel Chukwuemeka Oforeh (Past President NIQS , MRICS , FNIQS) , a seasoned Academician , Lecturer and Professional Quantity Surveyor.

Some Past Questions & Model Answers Prepared by E.C Oforeh (year 1996)

E.C. Oforeh Being a past chief examiner of the Nigerian Institute of Quantity Surveyors (NIQS) was always involved in preparing candidates for professional qualification. He later decided to include this initiative in the Building & Engineering Price Book with some past questions and model answers which is now know as a section of The BEPB called the CODLET (COsines Distance LEarning Tutorial) Scheme . we have kept this tradition even after his passing on as this remains One of our foundational values.

CODLET center with Professional Qualification Questions and Answers In the Building & Engineering Price Book issues 7 & 8.

Our Integrity in terms of representation of prices , in conjunction with well calculated rates go all the way in our price books and we stay grounded in ensuring that we keep the standard at the maximum best.


We always make sure that we source our published prices from the very competitive and general markets for each material from which the general public make purchases and endeavour to provide location adjustment factors for all 36 states (including the federal capital territory) for which our book users can comfortably apply in order for ease of use across any state in nigeria


We have a mission to “Accurately Provide a wide range of location-adjusted applicable construction costs , prices , & rates to construction professionals who so requires them , at any time and/or place within Nigeria.”

Our extended chain of distributors in key and strategically chosen states across Nigeria (covering the fro political zones) Ondo , Lagos , (Free Delivery) , Kaduna , Enugu , Abuja , Imo, Oyo, Delta , Rivers , ensure that our price book is at the very least available for purchase in a neighbouring state to you.


8 issues down the lane , our latest (8th )Building & Engineering Price Book , has received a widespread acceptance amongst cost professionals of all pedigree and strata in Nigeria .

Past President NIQS — Mr John Agele Alufohai

Ranging from past presidents of the NIQS , to chief examiners , to a past president of the QSRBN we have been endorsed by some of the finest quality of cost professionals. We were also the subject of reference in a paper delivered by Compass International’s John G McConville at a just concluded seminar in on the United Kingdom Attended by west African surveyors. He (John) Also endorsed us with the following quote “I recently gave a training seminar in the UK to 40+ Nigerian Valuation Professionals, I shared the contents of this Estimating Publication with these individuals, I recommend this publication to individuals working on Nigerian Construction Projects.” — John G. McConville

Past President NIQS — Mr Francis Adetola
2 Term Chief Examiner NIQS — Austin Onaro
“I recently gave a 2 day training seminar to 40+ Nigerian Valuation Professional’s in the UK, I utilized cost and estimating data from the book shown in the photograph. I found the cost and estimating data to helpful when discussing Nigerian construction costs, I would recommend this publication to Estimators, Quantity Surveyor’s and other Construction Professional’s working in Nigeria.” — John G. McConville, CCP Author & Expert on US & Global Construction Costs.


We prepare the Building & engineering price book for the sole purpose of ensuring that multiple construction cost information and the likes are available to professionals at any time. While it will be unrealistic to attempt to accurately represent the prices , and costs attached to each material or item at any time other than when they were documented as information in the market survey due to daily fluctuations , we have however studied and come up with the fact that our figures for prices /costs , rates have an accuracy range of 80% (low)- 95% (high). For this reason we sometimes have users with vast market survey experience. still making use of the older editions of our price book. We however advise professionals to always update their libraries to the latest edition yet , as that will help us serve you best as an efficient construction cost guide.

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