Am I powerless through a storm?

As the rain comes down relentlessly and shadows start to form,
My thoughts turn to protection from the

Inevitable storm.

Panic is the lightning that fills my heart with fright and dread,
Once again my heart is burdened by a
Weight of lead.
Everything seems darks to me,the walls are closing in once more,
Reality is just outside and I can’t
Lock the door.
Even moonlight too seems cold,not welcoming and warm,
Somehow I need to stop myself from drowning in the

The wind is furiously blowing,
Hatefully and viciously,
Rain brings no calm
Or peacefulness,just malevolent
Gathering my final strength I
Hear a voice from deep within,

A battle cry that tells me I am more than bones and blood and skin.

Suddenly I see it clearly,
That which I’d found so hard to find
Once again I
Realise;the storm was just a state of

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