The Spin Of The Wheel

Don’t stand and wait for the wheel to spin
Be the one who turns it.
Life’s something we take lessons in,
So be the one who learns it.

If something bothers you that much,
Spin the wheel and change it.
It only takes one simple touch,
For you to rearrange it.

Change is a river that must be kept flowing,
Or the tide will cease and turn to ice.
Keep the spin of the wheel going,
Hold on to your dreams of paradise.

We all have things we long to acheive,
Battles that we long to win.
But to do this we must truly believe,
And keep the wheel of change in spin.

Benjamin Francis Cassidy.
Always believe you can change and achieve anything you want to and avoid people who tell you otherwise.
Find someone who believes in you as much as you believe in yourself,then you’ll be happy and truly fulfil your potential.
Love and peace,as always,
Ben X

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