Apptimize Your Deep Linking to Capture Those Mobile Micromoments

In 2015, mobile app revenues exceeded an astounding $41 billion. Analysts project that number will continue to grow. Businesses that want to capture their piece of the ever-growing app revenue pie need to position themselves to capture mobile micromoments.

There are two ways to do this. One way involves spending a bunch of money on paid search ads, display ads and social ads. The other takes a strategic approach and blends ad investment with apptimization, or optimizing an app. While there are many elements involved in an overall app optimization strategy, deep linking provides one of the best ways to catch the elusive micromoment.

To understand why, let’s look at micromoments and how to weave a strategy based on deep linking to net them.

What are Micromoments?

Micromoments, or mobile micromoments, are fleeting split-second searches based on impulse. They are the “I need to know” or “I need to find out” right now moments that strike an itch. The majority of these searches take place on mobile devices since they occur most often when a user isn’t near a desktop device. In the moment they occur, the user either finds you, or the opportunity is gone.

Since mobile micromoments involve search, paid and organic search offer the best way to capture. While paid search might work for a search like “airfare to”, not all searches present quite a predictable set of keywords. That’s where organic search comes in.

Sure, a mobile organic search can direct a user to a website. But consider, nearly 90% of users prefer to work in-app when on their mobile devices. A search that directs a user to an app creates greater opportunity. It immediately creates a great user experience. Plus it creates stickiness.

A user who has and uses an app is more likely to return to it rather than do another mobile search. To get users to an app through a mobile search relies on deep linking of app content for discovery on a search engine results page.

The Deep Linking Strategy

To create deep links, optimize and index content on relevant pages of an app. Google will crawl these pages. Then, searches performed for content your app contains will show links to the app on the search engine results page.

Deep linking like this improves the chance your content matches a spontaneous mobile micromoment search. They significantly increase the amount of content you have online (which also helps with overall SEO too!). Plus, spur of the moment searches don’t always have refined phrasing. This means the more content you have online the greater the likelihood you match a two word phrase or long tail (and potentially non-specific search term).

Do deep linking and mobile micromoment capture sound like strategies that could benefit your brand and your app? If yes, check out our on-demand webcast, ‘Uncovering Hidden Strategies for Successful Mobile App Promotion’. In it, we’ll look at these and even more apptimization strategies.

Do deep linking and mobile micromoment capture sound like strategies that could Check out the webcast!

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