An Open Letter to Anarchists

Dear Anarchists,

This is a call to action. I know most of you are scattered around the country. You feel isolated and alone in a sea of conformists. You might even be the only Anarchist you know. You might find yourself always having to defend freedom to people who are unwilling to hear. This may cause you to be bitter and put you always on the defense.

Most people feel confused and overwhelmed with the problems of the world around them. You want to help, but you don’t know where the fuck to start. So you find yourself in acts of futility: replying to your statist friends on facebook, trying to win them over. You find yourself on reddit and various other places online trying to win people over. Your blood boils every time.

It’s normal to be frustrated. But we need you to be a beacon of light and love. You are standing in truth, so you have the power of the universe behind you. Stand confidently in your truth. The reason people get defensive is because part of them doubts their stance. Know that you’re doing the great work of spreading freedom. Take great pride in that. Have compassion for the wounded souls around you. Every person alive on the earth right now walks a difficult path. People in our society are very ill now. Their brains are clouded. They’ve been molded since they were little children to be confused about the world around them. Truth is simple. So speak with clarity. Don’t get offended or upset. Don’t take it personally. Speak with conviction. Let the light of truth shine through your voice. So many of us are frustrated Anarchists. Let’s celebrate the truth instead. When we talk to people they can hear our frustration. Be a happy Anarchist and make people wonder what it is that has you so happy.

You are an extremely rare and valuable gem, so your time and your energy are extremely precious. Some people are good at waking up people who are hard to win over. Their time on the internet forums is well spent. For most people that is not the most effective use of your time and energy.

Each and every one of you is SO valuable, and this planet needs you to be as absolutely productive as you can be. Each day find as many ways as you can to make the world a better place to live. Soon you’ll find out what you’re good and at and where your energy is best spent. What’s going on in your community? When you see a problem, that’s an opportunity for you to help. Let your community see you as someone who picks up litter along the roads, feeds homeless people and raises money for community causes, not a tin foil hat wearer. There’s no time to be self conscious, make excuses or doubt your abilities.

Walk the walk, don’t just talk the talk. There is no small act of kindness.

Thank you for speaking and standing for truth. One by one we can reverse the stigma of the word Anarchist.

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Join me on my facebook page, All Beings Must Be Free, a page about the barriers to freedom of all humans, animals and plants, and what we can do to achieve more freedom.

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