The Red Starbucks Cups and The Butthurt Christians: Manufactured Outrage?

On November 8, 2015 I woke up to three hundred million posts on my facebook feed from people who were angry at people who were angry about Starbucks cups. The cups are sacrilegious, or ruining Christmas, or some preposterous thing.

Can anybody point me in the direction of one of these illusory “butthurt Christians?” Someone who was actually pissed about the Starbucks cups before the story came out?

Here’s what appears to be the original article about “the cups,” published on November 7.

It’s from a website called distractify. When a link is posted it says beneath the headline “Yes, this is real.”

The article shows five tweets from angry Christians.

Let’s dig into this. Search #redcups on twitter, and see what you find. Where are the tweets in the article with the hashtag #redcups from November 5?

On November 3 people are excited that their red cups mark the start of the holiday season. The only complaints I see are that the red cups came out before Thanksgiving.

Later that day, Sentibotr tweets a poll that there is 0% negative reaction to the red cups.

Jump to November 8. There are no posts from angry Christians. Just Maddy French and AlanManningChambers complaining about the “Butthurt Christians.”

Anywhere you see those stupid red cups you can expect to see dozens of comments. Everyone wants to say something more different and creative about the Starbucks cups than the other people.

Is it really that easy to divide people? I imagine men in business suits sitting in a room somewhere laughing very hard right now at how impressionable, gullible and easily duped people are.

Can I post an article, “People become conscious, care about things that matter, and change the world?” and get the same results?

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