Writing Is Hard and Stuff

I’m a beginner. No college courses on writing for me. (In fact, no college education. Woop woop!) Didn’t write cool poems about my teenage angst. I think reading is cool, so I wanted to write stuff. I just spent five hours writing a 1400 word blog post. Here’s what it was like:

Six months ago when I first started my blog, it was like, “Hey here’s something I think about”, and I hit publish. Now, it’s like, “Hey, here’s something I wanna write about”…. sit in front of the screen, type a generic working title, sit in thinking pose staring at my screen, then gaze out my window, type a couple of awkward sentences, stare at the screen again. “What do I want to saaaaaay?” Tap my fingers. Thoughts that I don’t know how to communicate. Tap, tap, tap. “How do I saaaaay that?” Type more awkward sentences. “Okay, I’m just going to write. Automatic writing.”…. “Am I getting anywhere?”

Walk to the kitchen to do something. “What do I want to saaaay?” Come back to the computer, read what I wrote. “Meh, that’s not as bad as I thought it was.” This is usually when I “meet the spirit of the piece,” as I once heard Caroline Myss say.

“And here’s another partial thought. I don’t know where I’m going to put it. I’ll just put it at the bottom.” Re-read. “Maybe I could put that thought from the bottom up here.”

Go back and read again. Delete, delete. Move this here.

Re-read. “Mmm, this sounds funky.” “What’s the word I’m looooking for?” Tap, tap, tap. New tab. “thesaurus: exciting.”

Re-read. “This is redundant.” Delete.

Re-read. “Make this more colorful. Give more detail.”

Re-read. “Oh, and this!” “What does it sound like now?” Re-read.

“Oh, I think I’ll put a picture of this here! Right there? Wouldn’t it be more appropriate under the second paragraph?” Re-read. “No, it’s fine.”

Re-read. Change one word.

Re-read. Elaborate.


“Okay, title. What realllly captures what I’m saying here?” Look out the window. Close my eyes. “How ‘bout this? Mmmmm, not quite. Just type it anyway.” Close my eyes. “I have the jist of that, how do I saaaay it?”… “Mmm, here we go. Got it? Will it make people curious to read more? Mmmmmm….”


“Ah. Hmm. I think it’s done.” Close my eyes. “Anything else?” PUBLISH!

Re-read now that it’s published. “Oops. Mistake there!” Edit.


Look at the clock: “Holy shit, it’s 9:00! That was five hours?” When I’m writing I enter a vortex where there is no time. Creating is a really cool process.

Post on social media. “What are people gonna think about this?


P.S. This shitty post only took an hour!