Gotham S2:E12 Recap

Victor Fries is in play and he’s the LEAST of Gotham’s problems…

BD Wong as Hugo Strange Gotham Fox

Mr Freeze

Jim is under investigation due to the events before the break. He lies his way through it with Harvey and Cap knowing he’s lying but being unable to prove it. Lee asks Jim if he really wants to go back after everything this job has put him through and he does because being a cop is in his blood. Lee backs his play but we’ll see for how long.

That evening a young officer is out and about, when there’s an abduction called in and in the course of talking to people she has an unfortunate encounter with Victor Fries.

…welcome back to work Jim?

The How Very Batman: The Animated Series of You Moment

The introduction of Victor Fries is very much in line with his origin on B:TAS, with the added bonus of meeting his victims before he kills them. With the exception of the young officer at the top of the hour all of Victor’s kills are utter jerks and the hilarity of seeing him actually get help in the moving of their bodies at one point somehow underscores the creepiness factor.

The I Have Made a Terrible Mistake Moment

Despite what Barnes thinks Oswald allows himself to be caught, with the idea of pleading insanity and therefore getting a lighter sentence than being in jail. However, Oswald should’ve had Selina or Ed look into just who was running Arkham now. Hugo Strange makes his first official appearance, though there have been hints regarding him since the season began, and BD Wong is utterly terrifying in the quietest, politest way imaginable. Oswald may have not been crazy when he went into Arkham, (he was), but he’ll definitely be crazy when he comes out.

The Status Quo is God Moment

Jim is back at GCPD after the events before the break and while he’s got eyes on him now in a way he never had before, from Barnes and Dent, there was never any real doubt that he would be. On the one hand the show’s tendency to flip the script of what we think we know about these characters gives it a leeway that a more faithful adaptation to the source material doesn’t, (much to the rage of some fans) on the other hand in the end this is still the story of Gotham City and how it chews up and spits out those who genuinely try to do good and brings out the worst in those who don’t.

The question is how the show goes forward from here. Jim Gordon crossed a line pre-break, though not one he hasn’t crossed before in DC comics continuity, but it was a shock to fans to say the least. With Jim actively lying, not only to Barnes and Dent, but also to Lee, it makes the grey areas of the show darker than ever.

So What’s it All About Alfie?

The show lays in the groundwork for the backend of the season, with the immediate threat of Victor still not dealt with and the long term problems of Strange and the newly returned Tabitha in play. It smartly doesn’t tells us everything, as we don’t even seen Bruce or Alfred this episode and Selina makes a brief, blink and you’ll miss it, appearance.

As always the cast goes all in with their commitment to the parts so the question is, can the show reclaim old viewers and bring in new ones in the slightly new world?


But seriously how much effed up mess was Wayne Enterprises involved in? Good. Grief.

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