Founder’s Story by Peter Chin

In 2003, I started my business out of my garage, just like everyone with a great American Dream. Of course, at first, we worked around the clock. The business started as a result of the fallout in the “poker craze”, where my brother was importing poker chips to the online sellers who couldn’t get enough of them… until the craze ended suddenly and my brother was stuck with a huge excess inventory. I remember telling him “I think this can be a great product in the promotional industry.” Even though it was a huge investment for me at the time, I took $799 of my own money and sent out email blast through ASI for $799. I vividly recall going to bed overcome with anxiety and hoping to have some phone calls in the morning. The next day, of course, the phone didn’t ring.

Drowning in the despair, I dragged myself out of bed into the chair in the den… and lo and behold the red light was blinking. As I pressed the button on the answering machine, dozens of messages started to play. Then I turned on my mobile phone and there, too, the message box was full. The phone didn’t ring because it was so overloaded with calls, nobody could get through! That was 2003 technology for you. I was bombarded with emails who wanted to make immediate purchases. From then on, my promotional site became a hub for branded poker chips, and new lines of … tokens.

It’s no wonder that today, I’m looking to tokenize the entire business through blockchain. It would seem that tokens are in my blood.

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