JanusGraph & Python

Exemple Python application architecture

JanusGraph server

Usage: bin/janusgraph.sh [options] {start|stop|status|clean}
  • the host and port to serve on
  • the script engines enabled
  • the serializers to make available
  • the different Graphinstances to expose

Connecting via the gremlin console

./bin/gremlin.sh gremlin > :remote connect tinkerpop.server conf/remote.yaml session     ==> Configured localhost/127.0.01:8181gremlin > :remote console
==> All scripts will now be sent to Gremlin Server
gremlin > graph
==> standardjanusgraph[cassandrathrift:[]]
gremlin > g 
==>graphtraversalsource[standardjanusgraph[cassandrathrift:[]], standard]
gremlin > GraphOfTheGodsFactory.load(graph)
gremlin> g.V().count()
gremlin> saturn = g.V().has('name', 'saturn').next()
gremlin> g.V(saturn).in('father').in('father').values('name')

Connecting with Python

# This will download a set of jar files in ./ext/gremlin-python
./bin/gremlin-server.sh -i org.apache.tinkerpop gremlin-python 3.2.6
# Install gremlin-python from PyPi
pip install gremlinpython==3.2.6
Example usage of Gremlin Python language variant
  • Traversal should be explicitly terminated by calling an action method among next(), nextTraverser() , toList(), toSet(), iterate().
  • as, in, and, or, is, not, from, global are reserved keywords in Python and you should a postfix notation. For instance: g.V().as('a').in_().as_('b').select('a','b').
  • You will need to explicitly import static enums into the scope to use anonymous traversal like out().
Gremlin variant architecture

JanusGraph specific features

john = g.V().has('name', textContainsFuzzy('John Doe'))

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Benoît Guigal

Entrepreneur d'intérêt Général

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