What is Independence Day for a typical Delhi guy!

Living in Delhi since birth taught me spirit of being free in a different way altogether. For a Delhite Independence day means Festival of Patang, Manja and I-Bo-kaate😍.

Being a kid I was so enthusiastic about flying kites, that on 15th of August it wasn’t possible for my mom to get me off my terrace even if the scorching Sun was shining up. I used to fly kites all day long atleast on this particular day. Those were times when kites were a medium to enjoy those care free ‘Baachpan ke Din”.

They say that habits lasts long. Now 15 years down the line, living in South Delhi still I some how manage to reach my old home(Yamuna paar -Shahdara!) to enjoy this tradition of Kite flying, but now I some what understands the concept behind it.What exactly is the Kite destined for?- A kite is either destined to free other kites by cutting off their manja’s(bounds) or to free itself from these bounds. It symbolizes of a world free from all societial bounds, enjoying the winds of freedom.

So what I decided this Independence day is that where ever I will be in this world, I will definitely take some time out on this day to Fly kites in a hope to see a care free World.

Not a professional✌✌

Trying something New