Brexit: a personal view of a European scientist in the UK
British Heart Foundation

Hi dp, thanks for your comment! And thanks for replying Cesare Terracciano! We asked Professor Terracciano to write this blog as we thought he’d offer an interesting personal insight — he’s a world-leading researcher in his field based in the UK, a non-British EU national and has a typically multicultural lab.

Like the other major UK medical research charities, we weren’t involved in either campaign during the lead-up to the Referendum. We did not think it was appropriate for us to get involved in a political debate of this type. And while we anticipated that a vote to leave the EU would have an impact on science in UK, we could not know what that impact would be and at the moment we still do not exactly.

Regardless of the outcome of the vote, we knew we would remain committed to ensuring the best environment for UK cardiovascular research. As you probably saw, our Policy team wrote a blog about what we feel is most important in the upcoming negotiations. Through their work, we’ll be doing what we can to ensure the UK remains one of the world’s best places for cardiovascular science.

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