Bahrain This Month


Welcome to 2016 everyone, as we wish you and all our other readers a very Happy, Prosperous and Successful New Year. There’s lots going on and, as always, we’re pleased to provide you with all the details.

This January, we at BTM are delighted to announce the launch of our new state of the art web app at; a much more intuitive and interactive web portal providing our readers with a digital extension to the magazine’s print and online experience. Every page in BTM Online is now ‘shareable’ through Instagram, Twitter and Facebook including Bystander’s images and videos. There’s no need to fret anymore about your social pictures not appearing in the magazine, since each and every image taken at our events will be accessible to the world through this new web app.

The Bahrain International Airshow returns for its fourth edition and you’ll find lots of information on this in our happenings pages. Block 338 hosts its annual outdoor market and art event, a great place to look out for local artisan creations while enjoying street food and live music. There is also much to look forward to at Bahrain International Circuit.

The wider art scene too is vibrant this month with films, music, exhibitions and a double dose of Shakespeare with both Hamlet and Romeo & Juliet on stage at the Cultural Hall.

Our interview section includes an eclectic mix of movers and shakers. Ahmed Alnemah, Acting Undersecretary for Civil Aviation Affairs, talks about the work involved in organising the airshow and Vice Adm Kevin Donegan explains the US Navy’s role in keeping the region’s waters secure. We also caught up with the Bangladeshi Foreign Minister on his brief visit to the Kingdom, chatted to young Bahrain-based inventor Tasneem Yousif and learned about the history of Rotary in the Kingdom as the Manama club celebrates its 50th anniversary.

This month, also sees the start of another important anniversary — 200 years of the very special relationship between Britain and Bahrain. In the first of a series of articles, we’ve taken a look back at the historic relationship that has resulted in today’s strong bond between the two nations.

By coincidence 2016 is also the 100th anniversary of our family presence in the Middle East since my grandfather, George Frederick Middleton, who was born in Tottenham in 1884 (Go Spurs!), came out to Egypt with the British Expeditionary Force during the First World War. Like the British Embassy, our whole family will be celebrating this anniversary — although probably only half as much!

However you choose to celebrate 2016, we sincerely hope that, as always, Bahrain This Month will continue to be “your guide to a great way of life”.