Collaborating with Canva.

Some decisions in life prove stubbornly difficult to make. This is especially true when you have to step away from convention and follow your heart’s calling. Starting a business that survives primarily on awfully uncertain creative impulses, was one such decision for us. Along the way we had to trip and fall and pick ourselves back up again, repeating over and over that success comes to those who persist.

Also came along some moments which kept us buoyant and alive despite all that. This post is to celebrate one such moment of mind-numbing success.

We are thrilled to announce our proud partnership with Canva, a disarmingly simple graphic design tool that is now rapidly changing the way design happens. Its impact is best evinced by the fact that it garnered 5 million users in less than two years since its inception. BICAD is now its first official partner from the Indian subcontinent and Atlanta!!

Being ones who understand the rarity of great opportunities, we readily welcomed the offer to be Canva’s Design & Training Certified Experts. When Hannah Field from Canva wrote to us, we were still hungover from the high of our success in Prezi’s World Design Challenge. We couldn’t believe that success too works like falling dominos! We thank Canva for spotting our work in the overwhelming blur of the design world.

The best part of this alliance, came with the knowledge that Guy Kawasaki is the Chief Evangelist of Canva. Guy is a man all of us at BICAD idolize, and as a tribute to him, our first design at Canva features his quote. We only hope that the work we do henceforth proves as “enchanting” as he is.

Our first Canva design

We look forward to a fruitful and symbiotic exchange with Canva. They say excitement is contagious. We hope to catch more of this terrific virus with each project to come. Let art meet its Canva(s)!!