The Key to Being A Young Investor

Welcome to the 21st century! The era geared around investments, innovation and smart thinking. Today, an average salary can barely give you a comfortable life; leaving you with the question do I buy a car or do I save for my future?

BidThrone wants to keep your wallet fat by offering you ways to make investments.

Let me ask you a question, do you know how much gold is worth?

A lot!

Yes, but precisely, how much? A few hundreds? Thousands?

Oh definitely in the thousands, especially considering how gold prices are usually on the rise.

You got that right! Gold is an investment in your present life and your future. To give you a little history lesson, gold prices have only increased in the past decades, and will continue to do so in the future. Sounds like a solid asset right?

Yes it does, but let’s be serious here, you’re saying gold is worth a lot right? So I’d have to pay a lot to invest in it.

Normally, yes you would. But what’s the point in starting your savings when you’re 50; we want you to start now! As early as your teens! How is that possible? Through BidThrone of course!

Growing up, my father always gave me one lesson, and that was to make sure I had investments and savings ready for when I needed them. Now I’m in my 20s and I can’t thank him enough for that lesson, my savings and investments have helped me out so many times, it’s crazy!

But now, I want to make sure you invest, and have a backup plan! Gold can get pretty expensive, but that shouldn’t be the reason to stop you from creating a start on your future. At BidThrone I decided to auction gold coins that are worth thousands of dollars. There’s no catch to this, all you have to do is purchase a bid package, bid on the coin and win! We’ll ship the coin to you and you can keep it as an investment for your next big idea!

Our very first auction closing in about a week is a 1 ounce pure gold maple leaf coin purchased from Royal Mint Canada. BidThrone is the first to be conducting multiple vintage auctions on a single online platform, and also one of the first to be auctioning a gold coin through it!

Remember this isn’t just a game; it’s the future!

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