Week 12 GAM111

I find what i was looking for and I was smashing out the coding for a new game. It was a turn based game, something like pokemon and Final Fantasy, where a player would choose an action to perform and then follow through with that action, while at the same time the enemy would be attacking.

The game worked that when you started playing your “progress bar” would fill up allowing you to perform an “action” you then would be able to choose what you wanted to do next, Attack or Magic Attack.

After choosing which Action you wanted to perform you were to choose which enemy you wanted to attack.

You could choose which enemy to attack, and a small icon would hover over the enemy you wanted to attack. The same could be said of the players “heros”, an icon would hover over the “hero” the player was currently controlling. The player would then attack an enemy and then an enemy would attack a hero and so forth until there was only one side standing.

Enemies and players would turn grey if there HP hit zero. I wanted to add in battle music to make the experience more enjoyable, also adding more attacks for the enemies to choose from and a healing element to make the gameplay more desirable.

I found it difficult dealing with the UI, trying to change it to fit my needs, but i also found the experience enjoyable and a great learning experience. I learnt how to change the UI so in any screen mode it would fit. I failed to do this with the HP and MP UI and that is why it is behind the hero names. Other errors is the Attack and Magic Attack, when you click Magic Attack it in fact just does a normal attack and Attack lets you select a Magic Attack to perform.

This game I made from a tutorial online made by xOctoManx below is his youtube page :

The tutorial was excellent, easy to follow and even easier to understand my coding has comments all through it explaining what each line of code does. I plan to do the tutorial again and perfect the UI element and script and from this base make a game that when a player encounters a enemy they end up in that battle state.