@ericsson: “MTC, Cat-0, EC-GSM… Are you confused by all the acronyms related to cellular IoT? Read this:”

MTC, Cat-0, Cat-1, LTE-M, NB-IoT, EC-GSM… Are you confused with about all the acronyms related to cellular IoT? Wonder no more, as in this blog post we explain where the different terms come from and what they mean. Internet of Things requires low complexity, low cost devices with long battery life times as well as good coverage for long communication range and penetration to reach the most challenging locations. Cellular networks cover the globe with secure, reliable mobile access based on standards: a good platform for IoT — with some adaptations made to meet the cost and battery life time requirements. This has been the motivation for us to research and develop the necessary tools . We’ve been one of the key drivers of the work in 3GPP where new technologies and device categories are now being standardized. These cellular IoT technologies will also be a key component of 5G. read more

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