Using #Watson #IoT to predict natural disasters  #WeatherCompany #tech MT @Alina_Lupascu
  • TWC’s subsidiary Weather Underground has developed the Personal Weather Station (PWS) Network, which consists of over 200,000 weather stations in 195 countries.
  • The Weather Company to use cognitive computing with its Personal Weather Station Network in 195 countries.
  • The Weather Company (TWC) will leverage parent company IBM’s Watson IoT platform to provide critical weather data to governments and businesses in underserved areas to better prepare for impending disasters.
  • Santiago, Chile and Vizag, India have been earmarked as among the first cities to receive these weather stations as part of IBM’s philanthropic Smarter Cities Challenge venture.
  • Weather Underground is also collaborating with various local meteorological and government organisations to donate 100 personal weather stations in areas it says “where they may be most beneficial based on population density, web connectivity, current infrastructure gaps, and exposure to unique severe weather challenges.”

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