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chBIOTA Literature Workshop

BIOTA literature workshop is a platform dedicated to the knowledge of blockchain. We will introduce our public chain project-BIOTA in several interesting ways.

In this issue, Taye returned to the BW290 universe from the space station. He realized that the world in which Tamei was located has changed a lot…

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BIOTA’s CEO Ray was invited to attend the TechCrunch 2018 Conference

From November 19th to November 20th, Energo Labs CEO & BIOTA co-founder Ray Chu was invited to attend the TechCrunch 2018 Conference in Shenzhen. TechCrunch is a leading global technology media company, which is dedicated to documenting startups’ development, evaluating new technical products and reporting tech-related breaking news. Until now, TechCrunch International Innovation Summit has been held in China for 9 years. The participants include Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt, Xu Xiaoping, Bao Fan and other top investors and entrepreneurs. …

BIOTA literature workshop is a platform dedicated to the knowledge of blockchain. We will introduce our public chain project-BIOTA in several interesting ways. After many attempts and modifications, we finally decided to tell the story of Taye and Tamei in the BIOTA world in the form of BW series comics. In this issue, we will announce a preview of the first series of the comics and next Thursday bring you the first issue of BW comics.

For those who want to learn about the BIOTA project as well as about blockchain technology, don’t miss out. Make sure to follow us…

With the accelerated development and installation of solar roof panels, more solar energy is being supplied on a localized basis. Currently, the common method of net metering is to sell the excess power back to the local energy company. However, this traditional method contains two critical disadvantages:

1> The local energy company will resell the power to the local residents at a higher price

2> Many home/ building owners do not prefer or qualify to own a personal solar panel but want to be involved in renewable energy generation

In order to address these issues, people are turning to this…

BIOTA partnered with University College London to build the Next Generation of Blockchain Technology

Prof. Paolo Tasca and Sharon Luo ( from the left to the right)

On November 2nd, London time, BIOTA and the University College London (UCL) agreed on a strategic union and signed a three-year partnership contract with the UCL Centre for Blockchain Technologies (CBT) to create a new public chain technology which is more suitable for the age of big data.

University College London was founded on February 11, 1826, second only to Oxford and Cambridge, and is the third oldest institution of higher education in England. In 2015, the UCL Computer Science Department established the CBT (Centre of…

Cryptocurrency and the Digital Transaction Process

Many people are curious about what the transaction process looks like in cryptocurrency or digital assets. Some people may know the transaction process is related with blockchain technology, but are still unclear on the whole process of the transaction. If you’re still wondering, the rest of this article is going to explain the transaction process to you.

The whole process includes five steps, starting with a request. The request can be in cryptocurrency or any kind of digitized assets such as energy. Second, the requested transaction is broadcast to the network of nodes. Next…


In order to continue to enhance the competitiveness of the BIOTA system, it will be important not only to strengthen the performance of the chain and development tools, but also to fully evolve the overall architecture of the system so as to enrich the entire BIOTA ecosystem and create greater commercial potential. This would be further elaborated in the upcoming yellow papers.

Decentralized Cloud Service of BIOTA

Tesla Protocol: BIOTA IoT Big Data Architecture

Currently, there are few decentralized applications (DApps) in the market. Most of them only support the application scenarios of the virtual layer and are…

The Ecosystem of BIOTA

As the basic infrastructure of the blockchain world, BIOTA will build a developer-friendly and comprehensively incentivized DApp system. Like the current Internet industry, a platform that can aggregate the widest range of developers and users is extremely valuable. For example, the Apple App Store has created a new phenomenon in mobile application development by creating an ecosystem for applications, generating huge social value and commercial returns. Similarly, innovators and business users from various fields or industries can create diversified decentralized applications through BIOTA’s blockchain infrastructure. …

What is a “Smart Contract” and How does it Work?

Most people have heard of the term “smart contract”. However, some people may still be wondering what exactly a smart contract is and how it works in our lives.

Just like a traditional contract, a smart contract also generally has two parties involved. However, a smart contract differs in that it is a contract between two parties coded into the blockchain as an agreement, and the individuals involved in the contract are anonymous. At the same time, conditions of the contract are simulated through all the nodes. The purpose of…

On November 2nd, BIOTA held the first workshop, which was also BIOTA’s test net launch event in Taiwan. In addition to the BIOTA Foundation members, BIOTA senior blockchain engineer Edward, National Taiwan University Professor Liao Shiwei and Nanyang Technological University Professor Dusit Niyato also attended the event and delivered speeches.

BIOTA is a new generation cloud operating system based on blockchain technology. The team is composed of experts and scholars from various scientific fields and many world prestigious universities. Different BIOTA development partners gathered together for the very first time to discuss in-depth about development collaborations.

Many students from different…


A Next Generation Cloud Operating System built with Blockchain. Unparalleled speed, zero transaction fee, library of smart contract templates.

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