In order to continue to enhance the competitiveness of the BIOTA system, it will be important not only to strengthen the performance of the chain and development tools, but also to fully evolve the overall architecture of the system so as to enrich the entire BIOTA ecosystem and create greater commercial potential. This would be further elaborated in the upcoming yellow papers.

Decentralized Cloud Service of BIOTA

Tesla Protocol: BIOTA IoT Big Data Architecture

Currently, there are few decentralized applications (DApps) in the market. Most of them only support the application scenarios of the virtual layer and are unable to interact with the off-chain world. Almost 99% of our information comes from the real world, especially from those data collectors. If you want to make decentralized application services more diversified, it is necessary to allow smart contracts to interact with off-chain resources.

Based on the consistency of on-chain data the Tesla protocol also ensures the consistency of data off-chain by creating a Common Data Model. This makes on- chain data more structured, simplifies data management and improves the scheduling efficiency between data and smart contracts. More importantly, BIOTA satisfies the storage of massive and complex real-time data and historical data and improves query efficiency. At the same time, data is safeguarded and will not be revealed to any non-relevant organization or individual. Eventually, all data will be able to interact with each other in the BIOTA network.

Neumann Network: Network Computing and Distributed Storage

In the future updates of BIOTA CloudOS, we will also support distributed computing and distributed storage for smart contract execution. This allows any user, any device, to provide the BIOTA system with its idle computing power and storage space. This means that anyone, any device can participate in the BIOTA network at any time in a shared economy kind of method, and our pass-through mechanism will encourage users to participate in this activity and get corresponding benefits.

Thanks to the decentralization of computing and storage resources, decentralized cloud operating systems will become more robust, and data security will be greatly improved compared to traditional cloud storage and computing services, becoming comparable to or even surpassing volume decentralized cloud platforms such as AWS and AZURE. If BIOTA is the Windows or MacOS in a computer, then the Neumann Network is a granular Internet data center (IDC) scattered around the world.