Fidchain Dev update-12th Dec,2017

Fidchain区块链工作周报 [20171204–20171210]














Week of December 4th and December 10th

Changes made through this week to FidChain

Work completed:

[ Wallet] Improved page width to keep pages layout consistent

[ Wallet] My Prediction,Prediction Market pages can show coin prices now

[Consensus] Cancel the limit that one person only one vote against a subject. We can vote multiple times now

[Consensus] Added a functionality to refund to owner when settle could not be finished in time due to some exception of subject prediction

[Consensus] Improved lock position functionality

[Consensus] Added checks against analyses source link of a subject

Working in progress:

[ Wallet] Improving the wallet UI

[Consensus] Adding data backup and monitor functionality

[Testnet] Regression testing on subject prediction

[Testnet] Testing on stability and performance of chain