Fidchain Dev update-21th Nov,2017

Fidchain区块链工作周报 [20171113–20171119]
















Week of November 13th and November 19th

Changes made through this week to FidChain

Bugs fixed:

[Consensus/Prediction Market] Fixed a bug when price feeding failed, always only several failed subjects could be processed

[Wallet] Fixed a bug that current account may be switched when refresh page

Work completed:

[Wallet] Added price query functionality when create subject prediction

[Wallet] Modified process state of subject prediction

[Wallet/GUI] Finished development and tests of ‘my prediction’ page

[Wallet] Improved the validation of inputs and tips in some scenarios

[Wallet/GUI] Improved the style of some windows

[Consensus/API] Added an interface to re-feed price

[MISC] Adjusted the fee of subject prediction and share proportion of reward pool

Working in progress:

[Wallet] Improving the wallet and fixing bugs if any

[Wallet/Prediction Market] Changing the feed object to trading pairs and adding platform

[Testnet] Testing the process states of subject prediction, including judge, announce and settle