Fidchain Dev update-24th Oct,2017

Fidchain区块链工作周报 [20171016–20171022]












Week of October 16th and 22nd

Changes made through this week to FidChain

Bugs fixed:

[Consensus/Prediction Market] Fixed a bug in subject prediction setting phase which may cause the winners got an incorrect prize

Work completed:

[Wallet/Prediction Market] Finished the interface of creating subject and voting subject

[Wallet] Finished the demo of account,transfer functionality

[Wallet/GUI] Make the wallet UI and interaction enhancement clear

[Testnet/Prediction Market] Tested the match rules of subject search and the supports of Chinese

Working in progress:

[Wallet/ Interface] Developing the interface of subject query

[Wallet/GUI] Enhancing the functionality of account, transfer, etc. Focus on UI and interaction enhancement.

[Testnet/Scrpit] Preparing test scrpit of subject prediction