Fidchain Dev update-28th Nov,2017

Fidchain区块链工作周报 [20171120–20171126]








【共识机制】增加部署delayed node来备份不会回退的区块








Week of November 20th and November 26th

Changes made through this week to FidChain

Bugs fixed:

[Consensus] Fixed a bug that the count of valid feeders calculated wrongly which may cause price feeding failure

[Wallet] Fixed a bug that sorting subjects may not work during query

Work completed:

[Wallet] Improved the style and structure of wallet

[Wallet] Added language switching between Chinese and English

[Consensus] Added delayed node to backup irreversible blocks

[Prediction Market] Changed the min vote amount and basic fee when creating a prediction subject

[Prediction Market] Made the settle time of prediction subject configurable

[Testnet] Deployed a private test net

Working in progress:

[Wallet] Improving the wallet and fixing bugs if any

[Consensus] Preparing the configuration document of production environment

[MISC] Deploying the wss encrypted connection to server