12 Steps To Refining Your Social Media Etiquette

Social Media” is a TOTAL chaos! Agreed? No? Why? There is too much of “Noise”, on each & every Social Media platform.

To set yourself apart from the crowd, you need to be the real “YOU”. #BIZBoost CLICK TO TWEET

To make an impact, you need to show what you've got in your sleeves hidden beneath yet to be unleashed & capable enough to get your community magicked by the same. Go HARD, Or Go Home, Pretty simple! Isn’t? Eh, Not that simple!

Before you start refining your “Social Media Etiquette”, you need to know what is the currency of Social Media! Don’t know yet? It’s alright. “Share” is that currency which keeps everyone tuned enough to set something/anything “VIRAL”. After all, “Sharing is Caring”. If you won’t share relevant, helpful, fun content, you won’t be able to achieve your desired “Social Media Success”.

Tweet On Purpose, Tweet to Educate, Entertain, Enlighten & Empower. #TwitterTips #BIZBoost CLICK TO TWEET

There is a bunch of posts available within the Interwebs, & I am sure you must have read many. In my opinion, not all of them are THAT meaningful & effective enough to get you moving ahead. Obviously, things need to roll-in according to how you need’em to roll, in the flow, just the way you’re! It’s all about having the “Basics” cleared first & moving ahead polishing them with a pixie dust of creativity. Every single user online has their own unique “Social Media Etiquette”, practiced & nourished over time. You too got one, same goes for me & my team. Ask these questions to yourself: “Is it making a difference?”, “Is it reflecting YOU?

“Practice makes a man perfect” #BIZBoost CLICK TO TWEET

Accomplish your “Social Media Success” at your own pace! Below are some of the “Social Media Tips” you MUST never ignore. Go ahead!

QUALITY over Quantity!

Achieve “Quality”, & “Quantity” will follow you automatically. It is what makes “Social Media” fun & meaningful at the same time. Numbers does matter, BUT not without “QUALITY”. Social Influence has nothing to do with number of followers, RT’s, Fav’s, Or Likes, Shares. It is the dark truth of Social Media. Terribly flawed, & it can be spoofed with just couple of pennies dropped in the pockets of #EpicFail Social Media Agencies providing FAKE Followers, RT’s, Fav’s, Like, Shares! Of course these are one of the Social Media KPI’s to gain, track & embrace, BUT that’s not all. Earn them with Emotion-Driven & helpful Content, Solid Engagement, Milestones achieved, together sums up as “QUALITY”. Engrave it!

The quality of online presence is more important than online presence itself. #SMTips #BIZBoost CLICK TO TWEET

Position yourself as an EXPERT!

Show your audience what you've got for them. Serve them, Praise them. Got some skills? Let them know all about it. Educate your audience, help them in any way you can. Construct “Authorship, Trust, & Loyalty” within your network!

Your “Network” is your “Asset”. #SocialMedia #BIZBoost CLICK TO TWEET

Analyze & understand their Social Psychology, & “GIVE” them what they really need, without any desire of getting anything in return.

Share VIRAL Content

Best thing to do if you are looking for an exposure beyond your own network. Sharing “VIRAL” content is fun as it spreads like wild-fire, & becomes meaningful when it makes an “IMPACT”. Emotion-Driven content touches people to the core. Be creative enough to curate such content & give your audience no chance but to share it further. If you manage to touch their heart, then enjoy the “IMPACTFUL” view. Keep a keen eye over “Trending” topics, & contribute in the flow. Don’t HIJACK’em with your sales-pitch, unless you want to collect some whining, wrong impressions, & a pinch of hate from haters

Practice & Strategize

Test your strategies, throw-in your test-moves, practice, optimize, & repeat the same. It’s ok if you do some mistakes on the way, but don’t forget to embrace the lessons.

Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep. ~Scott Adams CLICK TO TWEET

Do not fear mistakes. You will know failure. Continue to reach out. ~Benjamin Franklin #BIZBoost CLICK TO TWEET

Everything works on “Strategy”, same goes for your life too. If you won’t strategize your posts/tweets, what’s the purpose of even posting/tweeting? With Purpose & Strategy, YES, You can make a difference in your online presence. All it takes is a bit of re-wiring your brain to make the “Consistent” moves. Track & Analyze your Social Media moves, eliminate what didn't worked out & repeat what did some good to your campaigns & online presence. There is no harm in repeating a good thing. The Road to success is paved with failures.

A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new. ~Albert Einstein #BIZBoost CLICK TO TWEET

Have Patience

Take a breather. To see the satisfying results, you will need A LOT of Patience. Slow down! Embrace the “PRESENT”, track your steps, & analyze the need of changes to make. Anything can happen just in a snap OR in some cases, the content might take a little while to reach out to the right audience.

“Rivers know this: there is no hurry. We shall get there some day.” ~A.A. Milne #BIZBoost CLICK TO TWEET

Say “Thank You”

Appreciate the engagers, appreciate their “Kindness”. No act of kindness is small, no part of it goes in vain, & each one counts as a good “Social Media Etiquette”. Drop-in “Random Acts of Kindness” around, & take a back seat to collect smiles & all the goodness coming back around you. Make someone’s day. You may never know if THAT small act (which costs NOTHING) fills someone’s heart with “JOY”. BUT, remember, don’t block your timeline with “Thank You” notes all over. Instead, personalize your replies/mentions. Give “Value” to each & every human (You know, BOTs are everywhere, & even some human accounts acts like BOTS too, Just Sayin’) connected with you online. Personalizing your tweets/posts will create even better & stronger “Connection” with the one you’re writing to.

The roots of all goodness lie in the soil of appreciation for goodness. ~Dalai Lama #BIZBoost CLICK TO TWEET


Unfortunately, not everyone has such kind of skill. People think too fast to even complete a thought first before jumping into another one. Being an avid “Social Listener” myself, both online & offline, i truly understand the value of a “Listener”, still polishing & diggin’ the deepest of its roots. If you won’t listen, you won’t get things completely. Stop for a while. Listen to what your audience has to say. Know their “Social Psychology” & “Social Behavior”. It’s not an easy task, but once you start doing it, you will know the true worth of your audience. Listen to them closely! Be a good listener, it’s not a super power. You can do it, no doubt! Same goes for life too.

When I just talked, I didn’t learned anything. #BIZBoost CLICK TO TWEET

Share Humor

Who doesn’t love “Humor”? After all, for what all the users log-in online? Of course, to have fun, to have a good time. Make it a practice in your daily “Social Media” activities. Make people laugh, show your “Creative” self, drop-in a pixie dust of humor & let the readers feel the tickle. *Tickle Tickle* People love creative minds!

The secret to humor is surprise. ~Aristotle #BIZBoost CLICK TO TWEET

Read before you post it

Nobody would ever want to leave a bad impression. Check your links properly before sharing them further. Make sure they are not dead or doesn’t lead your audience to irrelevant content unless you tweet/post NSFW stuff. It won’t take much time for them to frown & hit “UNFOLLOW”. Keep yourself out of “Social Media Epic Fails”. Be loyal, don’t break their trust. Ok, say you’ve been there & done that, it’s alright. Apologize kindly & re-post/tweet with the legit link.

Post when your fans & followers are online

Be present when your audience is online. Post at the peak times. Who are you posting/tweeting for? For them only, right? Or do you want your online presence to turn monotonous? You got to make sure you reach to them whenever possible. Scheduling your posts/tweets might work like magic. It’s one of the many great practices to reach to your audience & give’em even while you’re asleep. It’s quite fascinating. Use @Buffer, the best “Social Media Management” tool till date. The Buffer Happiness Heroes are too kind to tweet you back quick as ninja. They’re extremely kind. Reflects their invaluable Company “Culture”. Also utilize Free or Paid “Social Media Analytics” tools to track them. No point of posting/tweeting blindly without taking your audience into consideration.

Credit the author

Mention the real owner of the content, unless you want to be put on spotlight for stealing content from someone else’s account. It’s forbidden. If you’re an avid “Content Curator”, you MUST give credit to the rightful owner. It’s their hard work that you may be sharing. Or prepare for yet another “Social Media Epic Fail”.

Say only what’s needed

Tie up a knot. Don’t post something/anything/everything that you don’t want to come over biting you back. Of course, your tweets/posts must reflect the REAL “YOU”. Have a fine grip over your reins, you don’t want to run like a wild-horse on street freaking out all the netizens. Isn’t? There are extremists/heard/crowd/haters who utilize Interwebs to spread their voice to the mass, without anyone daring to stop their misery. Can’t compete with’em, Can’t help’em! Violence, Harassments, Security threats, & infinity. BUT, you’ve got the power just a click away. “Report & Block” the needy. Help Interwebs to make it a better place to be. Whatever you post/tweet goes live & stays there forever as “Big Data”. Thanks to all the servers, social platforms, & not to forget the BIG player “Google”, along with all the sneaky algorithms, collecting our a/c data, sync’ed in fraction of micro-seconds. They know everything about me, you & everybody else whoever utilizes “Web” for something or anything. Be careful!

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. ~Edmund Burke CLICK TO TWEET

Well, I think that’s far more than enough to get you started. Give it a whirl! Remember, it’s just the “Basics” that does all the magic. Keep them safe. Keep Practicing, have faith on yourself, on your brand & online-identity. Even if you fail, get up & get moving in no time. Repeat it all over again until you make your way through it. There is no such destination as “Success”. It’s the journey that matters the most.


None knows who you’re behind your twitter handle or any social media account. Your audience will know the Real “YOU”, only if you let’em to, by posting/tweeting things that reflects “YOU”, Or your brand, or company. You are what you post/tweet. Enjoy your “Social Media Journey”, learn from others, each & every day.

Most of all, Be Human!

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Founder & CEO @BIZBoost & @BTweeps_ 🚀 On a Mission to Educate, Enlighten, Empower & Entertain the Social Sphere🔥Hunted @PHDelhi 👊 Introvert 👻