Nothing in this article discounted your experience, at all.
Nathaniel Lichfield

“no matter how much you want it to not be true”

Missing the point by several miles. Is this because of how I express myself? I’m not a native english speaker and I hope, I really really hope you people are not this dense and this is actually a problem with my own english skills.

And no, it doesn’t diminish my experience. What it does is create an environment where I effectively had to remain shut about my own problems because I wouldn’t be believed, in fact my agressor only had to say that I was the one harassing and everyone would have just taken her side. No trial needed, no gathering of evidence needed. Why would we need that when social court is just enough?

I’m the one that has to step back? That’s what I already had to do thanks to articles like this, thanks to attitudes like this. And here, covered by anonimity will not do it, you can beg and squeall all you want for me to shut up so everyone thinks your point is absolute, but I’ll not. The fact that asking to not use stereotypes to fight against a problem seems “defensive”, and merits asking me to take a step back is quite telling. Would you have told me that If I had called out my agressor? What do you think would have happened exactly when everyone shares your points of view?

Just imagine “The monster” that the article describes. What happens if one guy has weird mannerisms and some people feel unconfortable about it EVEN if he doesn’t do anything wrong? Should we assume the woman (Because It’s clear by your response that you will ignore it if the claim came from another man) has been harassed automatically?

The article is asking us to judge people by stereotypes and appaerances. “standard gamer blue jeans”. What is that exactly? I admit that it’s a quote and not him saying it, but is that a kind of pant in english language, or is just an accepted use of stereotypes, because it’s ok when an in-group person does it?

Asking for “less sexist representations in fantasy please” while actively using stereotypes in real life is contradictory at best, and a complete lack of self-awareness at worst. I have a friend that literally lives in a basement, should I put him in a cage each time he comes to play?

“No I didn’t meant it like that”, well, too bad. I’ll remain shut the next time I’m harassed because I know YOU PEOPLE will “not mean it like that” when you side with my agressor by default only because she has boobs and I have a neck beard. Thank you so very much. So progressive.

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