You’re the only person suggesting that I don’t believe you.
Nathaniel Lichfield

“not the OP, not me, is saying otherwise.”


When you aknowledge that female on male abuse exist while saying “What does it cost you (yes, you!) to assume the women coming forward are telling the truth?” you admit some that some people will be needlessly harmed by your attitude but you will not care.
Basically all this boils down to: “I’m not saying that male abuse doesn’t exist, but if a woman speaks we will not care if the male was abused, we will not care if it’s the truth. We will not dig for evidence, we will just assume the woman coming forward is telling the truth”.

And even worse, several paragraphs are spent on telling us how these “monsters” are crafty and they will deny and be invisible. The obvious intent is selling the feeling that “If some guy denies being a monster he obviously is a monster, since monsters do that”.

The op doesn’t say that harassment on males doesn’t exist. The op promotes just a reality where males can be harassed and will not be able to do anything about it.

I refuse to believe the solution to the sexism problem is applying more sexism.

“What do you even mean by this? “Weird” mannerisms that invade the personal boundaries of another person are absolutely the problem”

What happens if the guy has shivers and spasms? what happens if he is fat and he accidentally touches someone with his elbow? What happens if he tends to look at the horizon and somehow ends up staring at someone in an unsettling manner?

Let’s just throw all the helplessly socially inadequate people in a bin, a sorry, only if they’re males. Because you don’t want to hear their excuses. You know how a “smiling monster” looks like. They will deny it. If they deny it they’re obviously witches.

“are wrong, full stop, regardless of gender”

Yeah, too bad the article demands that actions to stop “regardless of gender” issues shouldn’t be interpreted equally “regardless of gender”.

Continue pressing in the idea that I feel myself attacked by the argument that women shouldn’t harassed. Really, It’s obviously that what I’m antagonized by and not the obvious wish to perform a conscious a brand of sexism that is xactly the thing that made me a silent victim. Please, continue.

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