Note: It will not be healthier.
Thomas Clarke

>Note: It will not be healthier.
It will.

>The Nazi will gain legitimacy for their ideas.
And who are you to decide for other people that it should or it shouldn’t happen. Do you understand that on the context of this conversation, Nazis means “anything that is to the right of Mao”. Do you think anyone that is not a communist should not be able to express their ideas because they wouldn’t be legitimate?

But don’t worry. I’m pretty sure it will not happen at any noticeable degree. If you pay any attention to recent history, you’ll see that each time there are violent counter protests against peaceful “nazi” demonstrations… the next time “nazi’s” gather their attendance doubles.

Exit initiative has pulled much better approaches,that are humane, much more efficient, and don’t put liberties such as freedom of speech and privacy at risk.
I frankly think, that choosing a less performant option to solve the problem when there are fine alternatives shows the sign of a underhanded person that actually isn’t interested in ending Nazis but seizing control

>you will look like a naive idiot
I think anyone that reads my post and thinks that is an imbecilic twat without foresight. Not saying that you are, I wouldn’t want to insult you so freely after you took the time to do such a well thought reply

The same social mechanisms that are developed to silence Nazis will be used against YOU and the things you care as well. At some point you’ll not like being told “that thing you enjoy is nazis, stop” and will realize this. Specially because you’ll know it’s not nazis better than some journalist, tumblerite or couch activist

>and vulnerable people

Sorry, did you mean “I’m right because the people I choose to represent in this argument are the victims”? Because this sounds like cheap, low tier emotional arguments. How about I give you my own dose then? In general, I think I would not even wince if your “vulnerable” people has a bad day because someone said something mean to them. Notice the quotes? That means I don’t believe you ever ever met someone truly vulnerable to speech. I know how vulnerable to speech looks like from very very close. And it’s sickness, it’s pathology and needs professional help. I take uttermost offense that you’re using sick people to try to support controlling speech.

Well? Does “me being offended” makes you a Nazi? Or I can only be a Nazi if I don’t support fascist thought control? Frankly people like you make me revolt inside. I’ve felt my fist shake in anger several dozens of times having this kind of conversation, but never, NEVER I felt that people like you should be deplatformed. I would NEVER block your comments unless you were actually a threat. And I don’t mean a threat to my political objectives, which are freedom, privacy and expression, which you actually are. I mean actual violence, actual physical risks.

If that’s is virtue signaling, I prefer that virtue signaling to the one of “protecting abstract victims that can’t be defined, and only would complain against the political speech I don’t like.”

>will rightly conclude that you are more interested in your virtue signalling about redeeming Nazis than about protecting them from Nazism.

Yes, I’m not interested in protecting your totes real victims from people speaking online, in campuses, in public, in television. Let’s call it like it is: Sheltering your victims, society, you, from those “horrible” views is not protecting victims. I don’t have a problem paying taxes to pay for a judicial system, cops, lawyers, bureaucracy to stop violence and lawless behavior. But I don’t want to put a single penny in any censorious devices you want to be implemented. From the looks of it me working all day and moving society forwards with my little grain of sand means I’m already protecting people with differing beliefs. I’m already protecting your victims werther they’re real or not.

However, let’s remember that this conversation is not about nazis, but people that will be labeled as nazis arbitrarily. Real nazis don’t exist anymore in any sizeable numbers. So really, ask yourself why are you talking about this as if this was the case.

Have you ever managed to hold a conversation, face to face with someone you deeply disagree with? Would you be able to hold a conversation while holding conflicting emotions, confusion, your blood pressure rising?

If you can’t answer for sure. Then I simply think it would be better for you, and everyone around you, to open yourself, meet new circles of friends, talk with odd people, with actually disadvantaged people, with advantaged people. Real talks, not “let’s frame this in my ideological lenses” talks

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