The Intellectual Case For Banning Conservative Millennials
Kyle Foley

“start listening” dude. Conservative millenials have grown up listening. This is part of the problem. The average conservative knows YOUR talking points, while the average leftist doesn’t know theirs. And how would they? if they think that a lenghty article about justification for banning opinions is even something to show case related to their name proudly in any name or form?

The mere fact that you can feel so sure posting this makes evident not only how much conservative voices should be allowed to speak, but how detached from reality the “left” has become.

Anyway. Continue with your justifications, blacklists, “freespech” but only for “the correct opinions”, and contrived explanations as to how PC culture actually enables more dialog. The fact that you can’t see how this is actually making you lose ground even when a post like mine is trying to help you make through adds more fun to it.

I know that no matter what you’ll keep doing it. Your ilk is crafting the censorship tools that will be used against them. If any politician opposed to your views comes up on top, he will use all those devices, from laws you pushed against toughtcrime, to arguments in defense of “consequences”. All of them will be used against you.

When that happens, you will not recognize your mistakes, but we still will allow you to shout with us.

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