Dear Dad, now that you’ve joined Snapchat here’s how you can see your grandkids

The greatest generation left me with an incredible gift, my father. He’s always been my biggest and most embarrassing fan. If he wrote that last line it might have been in ALL CAPS, because sometimes he just forgets.

But that’s ok. You see he didn’t turn on a computer until I was probably in college. But the day he discovered Facebook on his mobile phone, I realized the tipping point had commenced.

Now he regularly posts pictures of his upbringing and life events, from serving in the US Navy to working at his father’s fish market to his best friend playing the piano. He also loves connecting with his classmates. But most of all he uses Facebook to brag on his four kids and seven grandkids.

He recently rode with me on a business trip and I convinced him that Snapchat was gaining incredible momentum and one day that’s where his grandkids would be too. He signed up that day, of course with his glasses titled to the edge of his nose.

On the left, I’m trying to espouse some personal development tips while Gracyn (7) is dancing in the background. My dad sits with his own “master mind” group at Hardee’s. This was his second appearance on Snapchat.

Yet, at 35 and a hybrid member of both Generation X & Generation Y (i.e. Millennial), I’m in a peculiar spot too. My peers are slowly figuring out that Snapchat isn’t just for teenagers.

Now business is being conducted, brands are being built, and “behind the scenes” is an understatement to what’s going on with celebrities, politicians and events.

I’m loving the social interaction. As a mayor, I’m connecting with youth in our community in an amazing way. I’m slowly figuring this incredible social phenomenon out.

So Dad, here are 8 steps that will reduce your learning curve and help you see those grand-babies on a more frequent basis:

Step 1: Don’t forget to add your son (bjmurphy360) as a friend.

Step 2: Take a snap picture (simply tap) or video (hold up to 10 seconds).

Step 3: Save your snaps to your gallery before you send if you’d like to, then add it to your “My Story” and/or send it your friends.

Step 4: Oh, here’s another way to add friends. Add other friends by their username or by having them click on the ghost (see image in Step 1), then you’ll need to take a snap of their yellow QR code to add them as well .

Step 5: After taking a snap, and before you send it, feel free to add a geofilter (depending on your location) or other things like the time or temp.

Step 6: Create a snap using a face filter just for kicks. Make sure your face is on the phone’s screen, then touch and hold your face on the phone (I can show you in person if need be). Several filters pop up that are fun. Here’s one example:

No, she doesn’t leave the house like this!!!

Step 7: Check out the news in the Discover section (ESPN & CNN).

Step 8: And finally, if you still want to post one of your snaps to Facebook, go to your mobile phone’s gallery and voila! (two social media stones in one).

Hopefully, this will get you started before your oldest grandson jumps on Snapchat. I give you about 6 months. In fact, he’s already figured out YouTube and this will be a natural step on his way to social media stardom.

And, if I left something out, please just send me a text, or FB message, or pick up the phone, or just come by the house — at least two of your grandkids are here.

Here’s to your success, 
Your #1 son (and only one)

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