No, Andy Ngo Wasn’t Pelted with “Concrete Milkshakes” by AntiFa

Telling Lies and Crying “Victim” Won’t Save You From the Truth

B.J. Murphy
Jul 1 · 4 min read
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Let’s talk about the Andy Ngo vs. AntiFa news story that went down yesterday.

When I was informed about it by a friend and asked what my thoughts were, while I did find it particularly troubling on AntiFa’s part at first glance, I also made sure to note that the level of violence committed by AntiFa was still nowhere close to the level of violence committed by neo-nazis and white supremacists.

Still, it was an interesting story. Which is why I decided to take a step back and wait to see if any other information popped up as the situation settled down. I also took some time to find out more about Andy Ngo, as I had little knowledge of who he was or why AntiFa targeted him.

I’m glad I did because now the narrative is completely different from what was being spewed all of yesterday.

Let’s first deal with Andy Ngo and why he was targeted right quick:

A few days ago, Andy and his buddies at Quillette decided to dox several journalists (some of whom were Jewish), claiming them to be “members” of AntiFa. In doing so, they helped a bunch of neo-nazis and white supremacists make a “kill-list” based on the names revealed by Andy et al.

And this isn’t the first time that Andy’s done this either, as he’s targeted many others in the past by doxing them and letting the chips fall where they may.

This then answers my question as to why AntiFa targeted Andy in the first place. Because of his actions, he’s put the lives of several journalists at incredible risk.

But then you might still have some issues with how AntiFa targeted Andy, considering they were being accused of mixing quick-drying cement with the milkshakes that were being thrown at him — an accusation that was spread all throughout mainstream media (MSM).

Fox News sharing unverified claims manufactured by Jack Posobiec.

Fortunately, I can now officially label this accusation to be 100% FALSE!

First of all, the accusation of these so-called “concrete milkshakes” originates from neo-nazi (and Pizzagate conspiracy theorist) Jack Posobiec.

As a result, the Portland Police Department was called in to investigate the matter. They even used their official Twitter profile to ask people that were hit with these milkshakes to report it to them directly. And, yet, despite all of the accusations made, and several milkshakes consumed with no deaths as a result, Portland PD has failed to offer any actual evidence that these milkshakes contained any quick-drying cement.

Oh, and after doing a little digging on the science behind mixing cement with beverages like a milkshake (H/t to @JewishWorker for making the initial find), I’ve since discovered that it’s scientifically impossible for cement to actually dry when mixed with a milkshake. The reason for this is because the sugar that’s used in milkshakes is also commonly used to disrupt the setting process of cement “by preventing the hydration reaction between water and cement — a key ingredient of the concrete mix containing calcium, silicon and aluminium oxides.”

It should also be noted that Andy Ngo’s lawyer, Harmeet K. Dhillon, has since deleted one of her tweets where she accused Rose City AntiFa of being a “criminal enterprise that made the concrete milkshakes” to assault her client.

A since-deleted tweet by Andy Ngo’s lawyer, Harmeet K. Dhillon.

Does this mean that Andy’s lawyer is no longer so sure about that accusation? Perhaps Rose City Antifa should sue them for defamation!?

Either way, it would appear that, once again, MSM was so quick to paint AntiFa as being the “violent extremists” and people like Andy Ngo as “victims” that they completely failed to gather all of the facts before opening their big, stupid mouths. Had they actually done their jobs — you know, be REAL journalists — they’d have realized that the truth was contrary to their early reports.

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