Honest journalism doesn’t spread imperialist lies

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As a professional writer myself, I look back on all of the writers and authors who inspired me to pick up the proverbial pen and I can say with confidence that my most prominent inspiration came from the master of horror himself, Stephen King.

I still have a stack of his books lying next to my bed, as they’ve always been my main go-to for late-night reading. When it comes to storytelling, King is the GOAT.

As a leftist, I’ve also been a fan of some of King’s political commentary, which he’s expressed quite openly throughout his books and social…

One company’s quest to develop the future of hyper-realistic AI in a skinsuit

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Ten years ago, when we thought of artificial intelligence (AI), we usually thought of the autonomous video game characters we interacted with whenever playing our favorite game. They weren’t that bright, their locomotive skills weren’t all that complex, and no matter what they did they were still these fictional things that could never pass off as human. Well, the times have changed and today’s AI isn’t your mother’s AI.

No, today’s AI is extremely complex and visually quite stunning. They can recognize a variety of objects, understand their use-value, differentiate between a range of emotional responses, and have relatively good…

An anti-Trump perspective on why the impeachment proceedings set a potentially dangerous precedent

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For the last month or so, I’ve been pretty silent about the Ukrainegate scandal and impeachment hearings that’s popped up as a result. Initially, this was to see how it all played out and what the facts were before expressing my opinion. Recently, however, it’s been to avoid coming off as “defending Trump.” Fuck it.

Anyone who truly knows me is already aware that I’m anti-Trump. He’s a corrupt, inept oligarch that is ideologically bankrupt. Even more problematic, he’s allowed substantially more dangerous goons to dictate both his domestic and foreign policies, from John Bolton to Mike Pompeo.

But when…

There may come a day when vehicles not only drive themselves but will own themselves as well

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When it comes to the transportation system, there is a rather sizable gap between the vehicles in operation and the organizations of which manufacture and repair said vehicles. A vehicle does not own itself; either the company owns it or the private individual who bought it from the company owns it. That’s all about to change, however.

What I’m talking about are Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO), of which make up part of the blockchain — a decentralized, peer-to-peer distributed ledger that is more famously associated with today’s cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH).

DAOs stand out from other organizations…

Armed with science and technology, our species stands before our most formidable foes yet

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

Throughout history, our species have come against great challenges that ultimately determined whether we survived or not. So far, we’ve made it to nearly the start of the third decade of the 21st century. And yet, even greater challenges stand before us today, forcing us, once again, to fight for our very existence.

Whether it’s climate change, asteroid impacts, natural disasters, etc., we remain living in a world that is set on destroying us. And yet, we continue moving forward with the hope that we, as a species, will overcome these obstacles and thrive. …

Whether it’s ‘wireheading’ or eliminating poverty, something needs to be done about mass shootings

Image by Jabbacake from Pixabay

Over the course of 72 hours, the United States has been struck with multiple cases of gun-related violence that has led to many deaths. It started with the Saugus High School shooting in Santa Clarita, California, which led to two deaths. A couple days later, in Fresno, CA, two gunmen started “shooting at a backyard family gathering over the weekend that left four people dead and six injured.”

And if that weren’t enough, less than 24 hours later, another gunman killed 3 people at a Walmart parking lot in Duncan, Oklahoma. …

Demanding equal rights in a future workforce made up of humans and sentient robot workers

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In 1979, sociologist Prof. Albert J. Szymanski once said:

“The energy for change comes from the emotions. It comes from feelings of frustration that arise when people’s needs are not met. If people were computers that could be programmed to do anything their masters wanted, there would be no pressure for change, even if some computers were treated much worse than others…

But people have physical and emotional needs that cannot be met in a class society which gives power and wealth to some at the expense of others.” (Szymanski, Sociology, p. 321)

And while I certainly agree in the…

From pseudo-science to modern science, unleashing the power of the sky to help us combat climate change

Image by CNN

The history of weather modification is a story of pseudo-science turned science, of censorship turned diligence, and a dream turned reality. We’ve long sought to manipulate our skies in the hopes of creating something short of utopia — to reverse that which we, inadvertently, had caused. Today, that dream is close within our grasp, thanks largely in part to Swiss physicist Jean-Pierre Wolf, who now stands on the shoulders of both giants and conmen.

It starts with the introduction of what was known as “cloudbusting.” …

AI of the people, by the people, and for the people

Image by Garik Barseghyan from Pixabay

As the old Chinese proverb goes, “You give a poor man a fish and you feed him for a day. You teach him to fish and you give him an occupation that will feed him for a lifetime.” In today’s world, information is power. And while a lack of information can sometimes be defined as willful ignorance, in many cases, it’s the result of oppression.

In today’s politics, the discussion of redistributing wealth among the general population is quite popular among those feeling a bit unnerved at the growing wealth gap. …

Transhumanism and Dr. Jack Kevorkian’s right-to-die proposal have a lot more in common than you think

Image by Glauco Gianoglio from Pixabay

A few years ago, popular YouTuber Life Noggin published a video titled “WHY DO WE DIE?” In this video, he briefly goes into the science behind the gradual cellular degradation of the biological substrate, which causes all known side-effects associated with aging. At the end of the video, however, he revealed that he’d much rather “live forever” than die.

As a result, his subscribers, which is nearly at 2.9 million, took to the comments section to overwhelmingly declare similar hopes. Not everyone was convinced, however.

Some of the commentary was the result of a complete misunderstanding of what we…

B.J. Murphy

Freelance Journalist. Marxist Transhumanist. Advocate of Fully Automated Luxury Queer Space Communism.

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