BE careful what you say in the company of singer and songwriter Vessy Mink (V.Mink). It may just end up being immortalized in an album track or Music NFT (Non-fungible Token).

Art by Zzooz (In collaboration with Vessy)

Vessy will pick up her guitar and start composing an impromptu piece at the drop of a hat. It’s testament to her credentials as a songwriter and musician that she can take a random observation and transform it into a timeless song lyric that encompasses a moment in time, an emotion, a witticism, a revelation or a simple life mantra.

That said, her foray into the world of NFT debuts with just one song but don’t fret (if you’ll excuse the pun) because, once that lyric gets inside your head, it’ll take up residence like a piece of embedded code – in a good way; a really good way.

“Let me ride in your Uber” is her debut Music NFT at the NFT 99 Virtual Exhibition on the social media platform Clubhouse and visitors to the simultaneous showcase on a specially-designed metaverse gallery — both running for a 50-hourlong mega artathon from Saturday-Monday, November 6–8 — can listen to the full version.

V.Mink (Art by BK)

Vessy has a voice and style that sets her apart and is immediately recognisable with her melodious harmonious clarity and kinda cute vocal adlibs that are literally music to the ears. So much so that digital entrepreuneur Perry (BK) Han commissioned her to compose the signature jingle for the expo, which he runs under his event organizer Metaverse Generation (M.Gen).

He said: “Vessy is magical and able to plant harmonious notes into everyone who listens to it.”

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