Waste of Time: Testing the Apple Watch
Richard Gutjahr

It’s a good looking wristwatch. The screen is small and not suited to pages of info. It is great at time related functions & pertinant information.

The settings are fiddly I agree. But it didn’t take too much tinkering for me to find the balance: E-mail no, Messages yes. The majority of 3rd party app makers have jumped on a band wagon & are not making useful apps. I for one do not require Twitter on a watch.

I like the health side —FYI one switch will toggle the reminders off.

Yes it is possibly not as intuitive as other Apple products but more intuitive than other watches!

Did you try talking to it? Siri’s got her act together. Voice commands will kick most things off. Just turn of “Hey Siri” and use the crown.

It’s good at jotting down notes, answering quick questions — “Wikipedia…”

I won’t be researching an article on it, just fact checking. If I need more info Handoff works.

And there’s getting walking directions. Starting a timer… Things I might well have reached for my phone for.

Playing music is easy by voice too. Handy if you’re cooking or driving for example.

It’s all first world problem solving, but as an accessory I found it’s a pretty good Mk 1.

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