Tuesday Check-in
Megan Reynolds

Checking in a bit late after a hectic morning. Good weekend! Watched a parade right by the beach, so we sat facing the ocean until the parade started. Had lots of fun at the tennis tournament, both on Saturday with my parents and Monday night with just my husband. Beautiful weather all weekend, which I am enjoying while it lasts. Did a bunch of cleaning, took the dog to the dog park, and actually got a decent amount of sleep. Also had sushi with my whole family Sunday night, which my parents paid for.

I spent $10 on Thai takeout for lunch Friday, $10 on coffee/muffins on the way to the parade, $15 on a quick lunch Saturday, $25 on smoothies and wraps for lunch Sunday (we needed outdoor seating in a low-traffic area because we had the dog with us), $55 on groceries, and $25 on dinner last night (Monday burger specials). Way under my estimate, mainly because we scrapped our plans for a nice dinner Saturday night and didn’t do as much grocery/household shopping as I had planned. I had to work yesterday. Today I had a 10 am appointment at my new hangout, the reproductive endocrinologist, which meant i could go to the gym and leisurely straighten the kitchen this morning, party!

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