Friday Estimate
Nicole Dieker

Friday! Busy week. My mom is still in California for health insurance reasons, so I had no excuse to avoid Mother's Day with my husband's family. I figure between that and laundry and errands and making a dessert to bring, that will be most of the day.

Tomorrow- need to take the dog for shots ($40) and will get bagels on the way at a place with dog-friendly outdoor seating ($10). Probably dog park after. Going to my sister’s around 2 to hang out for a bit and then watch my nephew for a few hours.

I still need to get an oil change ($22). We will probably go out to dinner tonight, but most likely something quick like falafel ($25). I have been super lazy about cooking lately, so going to get ingredients for a few recipes to get me back in the groove ($50 groceries).

Trying to keep it pretty low spend, since I am about to place a very large pharmacy order AND my husband just loaned his friend money that I am worried we won’t get back (adding to my money stress).

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