Monday Check-In
Nicole Dieker

Friday was great- grilled, watched The Great British Baking Show, and went to bed early. Saturday- made breakfast sandwiches and did some stuff around the house while waiting for a truck to come pick up a furniture donation. Brief gym trip (trying to get back into exercising after like 8 mo hiatus) then ran to Target ($13 on lunch and $13 at Target). Spent the rest of the afternoon laying on a raft in the pool.

Saturday night I went to a group dinner organized by my husband’s friends for their teenager’s birthday, which was awful. Without getting too political, let’s just say that there was a cake with Trump’s face/Trump 2016 written on it and the type of conversation you would expect from a group who purchased such a cake. ($95 on dinner and gift; rage was free).

Sunday we went out for dim sum ($28; surprisingly good). Took the dog to puppy play time for the last time (he is way bigger than the other dogs, so it isn’t the best fit for him). I returned a harness that didn’t fit and got store credit. Shopped for groceries and toiletries ($73), relaxed at home, and made dinner with enough for lunch leftovers. Gave the dog some roast chicken and he went nuts running around the house like a crazy chicken addict looking for his next fix.

So I came in at $222, right under my $225 estimate.

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