Friday Estimate
Nicole Dieker

Happy Friday! I have been so sad this week because of personal stuff and so upset over health care, but I am going to try to have a good weekend. My brother is in town from DC for two weekends in a row (my sister booked him the second flight not realizing it would mean two weekends in a row). And my birthday is next week, so this might be an expensive weekend, even though I am not feeling very festive.

Tonight- dinner at my parents' house. Hoping to get out of work early and head straight there. Tomorrow morning- second of two dog flu shots ($48). The dog cut his paw and was acting funny this morning, so we may need to also add a vet appointment to get that checked out.

Not sure what else, but I do want to finally go to home goods ($80) for frames and other decorative stuff. And I want to exercise both days.

Saturday night I am having a group over for dinner. I will say $150 for everything I am planning to buy for that. Probably $75 in other groceries. Maybe $20 for breakfast out. I think dinner at my sister’s on Sunday. Probably dog park before that. Maybe some other random shopping, if there is time.

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