Friday Estimate
Megan Reynolds

I am in a surprisingly positive mood right now, I think because I’ve settled into my new job (started 5 weeks ago) and it isn’t as bad as I expected. I did just get thrown for a loop this a.m. with news that my test re: how many eggs I have came back not great. I guess they used the wrong blood work when they told me 6 mo ago that it was normal? Great! But still feeling okay. Going to try to have a fun weekend and deal with that Monday morning.

All my prints I ordered came, so going to decorate this weekend and maybe buy some more decorative stuff. I’ll say $100 for that. Making korean tacos tonight because I wanted to make them last night and forgot to buy tortillas. Probably breakfast out tomorrow ($20) and I need an oil change ($22) and might go to volunteer at some city fundraiser my husband has to go to for work. Other than that, not really sure, but will say $50 for other food spending not including grocery shopping and $50 for miscellaneous activities and or shopping.

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